Westonbirt Inter Schools Cross Country
Wednesday 25th February 2015

After the disappointment of last year's cancellation, Team Trinity turned out in force for the Westonbirt Schools Cross Country on Wednesday 25th February.  A huge team of forty six Key Stage 2 children arrived in a bus that was made possible by donations from those competing, topped up by a contribution from the FOS. With this number of children to manage, we needed a top team of parents to team manage.  Grateful thanks to those parents who took on this task, especially Bec Gay who managed the event overall.

Every race was packed full with runners representing 15 local state and independent schools. The Year 3 and 4 boys & girls raced over 1,500m while the Year 5 and 6 boys & girls had to cover 2,200m. Results for Trinity pupils are listed below, notably, the Year 5 boys finished 2nd as a team in their race.

Year 3 Girls
14th Amelie L
24th Samara E
32nd Beattie CK
33rd Katie T
37th Sofia G
38th Rosie Be
39th Hannah L
40th Lily Mayhead
42nd Megan L

Year 3 Boys
10th Thomas C
17th Charlie A
22nd Arthur W
25th Harry S
32nd Oliver C
34th Aldo P

Year 4 Girls
23rd Rosie Bu
31st Rosie A
32nd Tanya D

Year 4 Boys
13th Matty T
15th Edgar H
27th Fabian H
29th Freddie E
35th Will L
36th Josh E
42nd Johnny W
44th Max F

Year 5 Girls
47th Belle E
66th Meg L
68th Anna D

Year 5 Boys
1st Will C
13th Joseph P
14th Harry D
16th Greg E
27th George H
29th Josh G
31st Charlie P
63rd Fin CK

Year 6 Girls
33rd Matilda W
39th Millie S
51st Martha H

Year 6 Boys
6th Charles H
18th Brandon M
28th Hugo H
46th James V
51st Henry F


U8 (Y3) Boys:

1st – Monkton Prep

2nd – Westonbirt Prep

3rd – St Margaret’s Prep

U9 (Y4) Boys:

1st – Kingswood Prep

2nd – Tockington Manor Prep

3rd – Westonbirt Prep


U10 (Y5) Boys:

1st – Tockington Manor Prep

2nd – Trinity Primary School

3rd – Marshfield Primary School


U11 (Y6) Boys:

1st – KES

2nd – Monkton Prep

3rd – Sherston Primary School

U8 (Y3) Girls:

1st – Red Maids’

2nd – Royal High School Bath

3rd – Monkton Prep and Leighterton Primary School


U9 (Y4) Girls:

1st – Kingswood Prep

2nd – Red Maids’

3rd – Monkton Prep


U10 (Y5) Girls:

1st – Paragon Prep

2nd – St Margaret’s Prep

3rd – Sherston Primary School and Red Maids’


U11 (Y6) Girls:

1st – Monkton Prep

2nd – KES

3rd - Westonbirt Prep


U12 (Y7) Girls:

1st – Tockington Manor Prep

2nd – Red Maids’

3rd – Westonbirt School


New Course Records:

U9 (Y4) Boys: W. Shardlow (Kingswood) – 5mins 04secs

U10 (Y5) Boys: W Connors (Trinity) – 8mins 47secs

U10 (Y5) Girls: C Newcastle (Kingswood) – 9mins 42secs

U11 (Y6) Boys: L Martindale (Monkton) – 8mins 42secs


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