Years 5 & 6
Thursday 12th June 2014

It was a scorchingly hot sunny day (but fortunately not too oppressive) when 3 parents arrived at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex with 7 year 6 children and 3 more from year 5 for the Quadkids competition. 

As soon as we arrived we had a picnic on the grass and watched as streams of more children arrived at the venue: 25 teams in all from different schools across the South Gloucestershire Area. 

The events to be competed in were a 600 metre run, a 75 metre sprint, a standing long jump and some throwing events which all children took part in.  

Some fared better in short distance, whilst others were brilliant in the long distance races. Congratulations to Harriett Taylor who took first place for girls over 600m with a time of 2:04. Tom came 4th overall in the 600m with a time of 2:01, just 1 second slower than the three joint winners on 2:00. Harriett was highly placed in all disciplines and after four events she ttook first place for girls and tied first placed for Boys & Girls with the best performing boy who finished on the same score.

The field events were more relaxed and light hearted, and again Team Trinity achieved some good results. We showed strength in depth to take Team 3rd out of the 25 teams entered.

The afternoon went really well and despite a lot of waiting around Team Trinity behaved impeccably, showing great competitive spirit but also displaying support and encouragement for everyone taking part.

Very well done to all those who represented Trinity: Tom Connors, Charlie Delargy, Louis Bombroff, Lilly Murnan, Harriett Taylor, Beth Edwards, Emily Simpson, Alex Taylor, Brandon Mullins and Charles Hall.

I must also say a massive thank you to  Bec Gay for organising this event with massive support from Boo Delergy and Alex Connors.  Without them, this event would not have been possible and we all appreciate the great deal of time and energy they spent on this for us all.  This was too good an opportunity for Team Trinity to miss, so watch this space for very promising results to follow!

By Caroline Mullins

Quadkids        Quadkids

Team Points Rank
St John's Mead A 1,620 1
The Ridge A 1,593 2
Trinity 1,576 3
St Peters A 1,499 4
Tyndale A 1,469 5
St John's Mead B 1,463 6
St Paul's 1,412 7
Almondsbury 1,343 8
Charborough Road 1,341 9
St Michael's A 1,321 10
The Ridge B 1,311 11
St Peters B 1,301 12
Abbotswood A 1,288 13
St Mary's 1,255 14
Meadowbrook B 1,243 15
Stoke Lodge A 1,201 16
Rangeworthy 1,195 17
St Michael's B 1,155 18
Meadowbrook A 1,151 19
Woodlands 1,140 20
Abbotswood B 1,102 21
The Ridge C 1,074 22
Tyndale B 1,048 23
Old Sodbury 983 24
Stoke Lodge B 598 25