Netball at The Royal High School, Bath
Year 6 Girls
Wednesday 19th March 2014

Trinity took nine Year 6 girls to the Royal High netball tournament on Wednesday 19th March.  As we have never played in this tournament before, no one know what to expect.   The weather stayed dry and the sun made a few appearances.

We started the afternoon with a 16 min match against St Mary’s Tetbury.  This was our toughest match, losing 8-3.  (Many of St Mary’s play club level). 

Chins up girls for the next match, against Combe Down.

Our best result ever 16-0 to Trinity.

Straight back on court no rest for the next match, against Saltford. 

Another win for Trinity 4-3.

Sixteen minutes later back on court for a match against Bathwick. 

This match had me biting my nails.   5-5 draw.

Then we played the host of the tournament Royal High. 

Trinity flew off with a 3-0 win in the first half.  Royal High came back with force and scored 2 goals.  (Heart stopping situation, well it was for me).  Trinity maintained their played and kept their lead of 3-2.

Trinity ended the afternoon with second place.

I have been coaching netball at Trinity school for many years; I have never seen the school play so well.  Gone are the days when we would just give the ball to the opposite team as that was the polite thing to do.  This Trinity team played so well improving with each match they played.  Many of the other school coaches commented on Trinity’s level of play.

Scratches and bruises will appear in the next few days as the results of some excellent play which found us on the floor on many occasions.  Tears were brush away and play continued.

Emily and Beth scored some FABULOUS goals.  Straight through the net, not touching the ring.  Where has all this hidden talent come from?   Harriett and Jasmine defended to their hearts content. Very hard positions to play when the pressure is on.  Centre court players:  Lily, Alice and Libby put the pressure on their players and made some great passes bringing the ball to the Trinity goal third many times in a very well rehearsed manner.

I am so proud of each of you.    

Excellent result girls

Final Scores

Trinity v’s St Marys                           3-8

Trinity v’s Combe Down                 16-0

Trinity v’s Saltford                            4-3

Trinity v’s Bathwick                          5-5

Trinity v’s Royal High                       3-2

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