NSEA Show Jumping
Equestrian Team
Kings Equestrian Centre, Bromyard, Herefordshire
Sunday 15th February 2015

On a cold, dark Mothers day, 4 members of the Trinity equestrian team and their dedicated mums, dads and relatives braved a 5am start to attend an NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) Grass Roots show jumping competition at Kings Equestrian Centre in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

Amelie Lucas, (riding Springer Wizard) Hannah Luddington (riding Fernridge Curlew) and Tom Collings (riding CoCo) made up the minis team who roared to victory in class 1 with 3 clear rounds giving them a team first and individual placings for Hannah, 1st and Amelie, 4th out of a sizeable 24 in the class.

The announcements of class 1 results came in the middle of Class 2 course walk causing a slight loss of concentration but Amelie managed a brilliant clear round in class 2 with the slightly bigger jumps and more complicated course however, not quite fast enough to be in the prizes. Hannah had navigation issues and incurred 8 faults as a result, and Tom was sadly eliminated due to a mummy error! (Jess won’t be allowed to forget that one in a hurry, I’m sure).

Well done to the mini team who have qualified for the regional finals in December in Bromyard.


Well done Tom, Amelie and Hannah, Team Trinity Equestrian minis.
Regional finals for you three.
(It helps to have a big sister to hold your prizes for you.)

Megan Luddington (riding Little Boots) entered as an individual competitor in the slightly higher course classes. She unfortunately had a pole down in the 60cm class and despite a fast clear in the 70cms, the competition was fierce and she was just fractionally too slow to be in the prizes.


Both Curley (above) and Amelie (below) thought it was very funny!!


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