Mini Festival: Netball & Hockey at YOSC
Years 5 & 6
Wednesday 12th March 2014

On Wednesday 12th March nine Year 6 Trinity pupils headed for Yate Outdoor Sports Centre for a High 5 netball tournament.

The squad consisted of Alice, Harriett, Beth, Lily, Harvey, Charlie, Libby, Emily and Jasmine.

Although the format was new to many of the children, with them having to change positions at the end of each three minute half, they adapted well and gave it their all.

In some very competitive matches they achieved two wins, a draw and a narrow loss at 1-0 and missed going through to the knockout stages by finishing on the same score as the winning team but having a goal difference of one less goal.

The goals were well spread amongst the children with Charlie, Emily (a hat trick!!), Libby, Jasmine and Alice all scoring.

An enjoyable afternoon in the sunshine which bodes well for next week’s tournament at The Royal High School, Bath.


Trinity took two Quick Stix hockey teams to Yate on Wednesday 12th March 

Trinity Cats : Tom, Louis, Alex, Matilda

Trinity Tigers: Tabby, Hannah, Marcha, Brandon 

Both teams played brilliantly and worked out their positions with every team member using their strength and supporting each other throughout the games. Tom and Brandon were the main attackers, scoring some fabulous goals. Tom was Supported by Alex and Matilda and Brandon by Tabby and Marcha in a well thought out diamond formation which improved with each game. They were very well defended by Louis and Hannah, who saved many a goal. Both teams played 4 games, unfortunately there wasn't time for the semi's to be played as they narrowly missed out on the finals.


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