Festival of Youth
Basketball & Athletics
Y5 & Y6 Girls & Boys
Saturday 7th June 2014
WISE Campus Bristol

Basket Ball

Coached by Martin Avery – The team was made up of Lily, Emily, Alice, Tabby, Jasmine, Charlie, Charles and Hugo. This was tough, we are not really experienced in this sport and our children played non-contact basketball as per the rules and were still finding their feet in the first 2 matches which we lost. THEN they found their feet, realised that not everyone else was playing by the rules (so we started with a little contact) and played competitive contact basketball, with some amazing defence, some super turns and ball stealing and had some great fun. EVERYBODY in the team put their heart and soul into these matches and I think even surprised themselves with their competitive spirit!

Played 8 matches, won 5 and lost 3


Coached by Matt Delargy the girls team was Belle Edwards, Bethan Simpson Smith, Anna Dando and the boys team was made up of Joseph Pearce, George Hall and Harry Delargy.

Overall the children competed in Vortex, Soft Hammer, Speed Bounce, Standing triple jump and long jump along with 75 metre sprint, 100 metre relay and 600 meter race. Lots of things to do!

Both boys and girls made it to the finals of the relay races and raced hard against some pretty fast runners. The team Trinity spirit was out in full force.

Thank you to all parents, Mr Hutton and Miss Calvert ( year 6 student teacher) who came and cheered on the children.


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